Shabbir and Shahnaz Foundation

We believe that education is the avenue through which we can give opportunity, hope and prospects for a better life to underprivileged children and their communities. Our goal is to build a sense of support for such children and equip them with the tools they need to become productive, contributing, socially responsible citizens.

To this end, we have committed 2% of our annual revenue towards funding the foundation and seek support from members and organizations that share our views. Through an online platform, we aim to connect the children in these underprivileged communities with the people and organizations that want to help them. This will allow donors to see the value created in the lives of these children and their communities, and help build momentum for the foundation.

Our long-term goal is to build at least one high school per community of 25,000 people, where we provide free, quality education to children. We will also utilize these schools to provide vocational training to the members of the community who wish to learn such skills to enhance their earnings potential.